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6.5L Detroit Heavy Duty Wrist Pin Bushings

Set of 8 heavy duty wrist pin bushings for 6.5L Detroit engines
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Heath Diesel:WPBUSH
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This is a heavy duty wrist pin bushing set for the 6.5L Detroit engines. They are made from the same material used to make NASCAR wrist pin bushings. 
The factory bushing is made from a relatively soft material that requires being bored to the proper dimension.  In most areas it's very difficult to find a pin boring machine. Our bushings are top quality and made from a much harder material that can be honed to the final dimension. That makes these a must for any engine build. These bushings are installed and honed or bored to a final clearance of .0004" - no exceptions.

**Do not allow the machinist to add clearance for "oil cushion" this takes away your thrust contact area and will severely shorten the life of your engine.**