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1994-2007 Ford PSD DIESELSITE 40-Row Transmission Cooler

40-Row Transmission Cooler for 7.3L & 6.0L PSD
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Performance and reliability - can you have both?


While we all want the maximum power out of our rigs, understanding the effects your performance upgrades have on other parts of your truck is essential.  Whether you have an increased horsepower build or tow a heavy load, the largest obstacle you will need to overcome is heat.  This is especially true with transmissions in the 7.3L and 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesels.

The factory transmission coolers were barely adequate for daily driving and simply can't handle the increased heat with anything more than riding around town. The leading cause of premature transmission failure is heat, which is an expected side effect when your truck is under load.


DIESELSITE has developed a superior transmission cooler to keep your transmission working efficiently and maximize it's lifespan regardless of how heavy you tow or how much power you make.  With an estimated 90,000+ GVW, this unit absolutely obliterates the stock coolers on the 99-03 7.3L platform rated for 28,000 GVW.

To achieve such an efficient cooler, we used a 40-row stacked plate design which drastically increases the surface area for effective heat exchange.  With the massive surface area increase, the fluid volume is the cooler also increases.  With more fluid comes with more room to effectively cool.

In our research, other aftermarket transmission coolers max out at a 37-row design at best.  Extensive research, development, and testing goes into all DIESELSITE products and our transmission cooler is no exception.


Our transmission cooler has been thoroughly designed and tested for both the 7.3L and 6.0L applications and will come with the required custom adapters or hardware kit based on your selection.

Please choose the appropriate hardware for your application using the information below:

"OBS" 1994-1997 7.3L (Kit)
(2) Hose Barbs for use with 3/8" Hose
Hardware for Direct Bolt-In Installation
6 ft of Transmission Line with Clamps
Custom Mounting Brackets

3/8" Fittings (Basic, Fittings Only)
(2) Hose Barbs for use with 3/8" Hose
For use with OE 7.3L connections

1/2" Fittings (Basic, Fittings Only)
(2) Hose Barbs for use with 1/2" Hose
For use with OE 6.0L connections

*OBS 1994-1997 7.3L customers will need to make modifications for cooler fitment unless buying our pre-made OBS kit.