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RMI-25 Coolant Treatment

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RMI-25 Protects Your Engine.

RMI-25 is a low-cost, effective safeguard against cooling system failure, and a much more effective solution than standard SCAs. It cleans while you drive, inhibiting rust, stopping cavitation, erosion, electrolysis and pitting. It also lubricates water pump seals, bearings, and thermostats, and improves cooling. RMI-25 should be at work in every water -cooled engine.

RMI dissolves rust, mineral deposits, and corrosion.

Just 1/16" of mineral deposits on 1" of cast iron is equivalent to 4.5" of cast iron reducing heat dissipation by 40%.

A spot of rust can raise the temperature at that "hot spot" by as much as 700 degrees!

  • Cleans - radiators, engine blocks, heater cores, hoses .... the complete system
  • Inhibits - rust, buildup of mineral deposits, cavitation erosion, electrolysis and pitting
  • Lubricates - thermostats, water pumps, seals and heater controls
  • Conditions - contains a pH stabilizer for acid-alkaline balance
  • Flushes - power flushes in combination with your water pump while you drive
  • Detects Leaks - contains a leak detector which pinpoints leaks under a black florescent lamp

Adding RMI requires:
  • NO draining and flushing
  • NO downtime, no shoptime, no labor costs
  • NO loss of antifreeze/coolant
  • NO 30-40 minute engine idle run time
  • NO harm to skin or eyes or to the environment
  • NO coolant gel problems

One 8oz bottle per 5 gallons of cooling capacity.
For Diesel applications; Introduce 2 bottles for initial treatment, then 1 bottle every 15k miles.

Just pour RMI-25 in your radiator and drive!