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LED Headlight Bulb 9006 88-Classic 2007 GMC/Chevy Trucks Low Beam

This kit includes a PAIR of LOW BEAM headlight bulbs.
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Product Description

These units feature an advanced chip for both dual beam and single beam lamps to generate a higher lumen output than ordinary led lamps. The quality PBT plastic resists damage from excessive heat and the built in hydraulic fan maintains an optimal operating temperature, greatly increasing the lifespan of the lamps. This all-in-one design eliminates the need to run a separate resistor, and/or heatsink making complicated wiring and heat damages a thing of the past. This is a true plug and play unit designed to fit your OE plugs with no modifications whatsoever.

Voltage: 8-16v
Color temperature: 6000K

Special Note: 
GMC/Chevy trucks require both sets of 9005 and 9006 headlight bulbs. You will need to order both sets.* 

*The two sets are almost physically identical to each other. The only difference being a small variation on one of the lock tabs. Keep this in mind during the install to avoid any confusion.