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Input Shaft Repair Kit for 6.9L and 7.3L Ford Diesels

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The Input Shaft Repair Kit eliminates the high cost of disassembling the transmission and replacing the input shaft and front bearing and race. The Kit includes a new Pilot bearing with an additional 0.215 wear surface and a high-grade lip seal to keep the lubrication in and dirt out. The repair sleeve is hardened for more durability.

For all  ZF5 and ZF6 transmissions in 6.9L and 7.3L FORD DIESEL vehicles.


•Repair Sleeve For Input Shaft
•New Pilot Bearing
•Installation Driver
•Bushing to resize your clutch alignment tool to the new pilot bearing for easy install.

Installation Driver makes the job easy.

  1. Remove the OEM pilot bearing.
  2. Install the new pilot bearing using the Installation Driver with a standard bushing driver handle.
  3. Insert the tapered end of the sleeve into the Installation Driver tool. With the bushing driver handle in place, drive the sleeve on to the end of the input shaft until it bottoms out.
  4. Push the white plastic bushing on your clutch alignment tool so you can properly center the clutch on the new pilot bearing.
  5. Finish the clutch install as normal.