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Fuel Heater

Fuel heater for DieselSite fuel separators and fuel systems AND aftermarket fuel systems
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So what can be done to prevent diesel gelling?

  • Use additives
  • Move to Florida
  • Install Dieselsite's New Fuel Heater!!

Made of stainless steel, this heater is completely automatic. No switches or monitoring required. The thermostat is built into the unit and turns on and off as needed.

Fuel flows through the housing and around the heating element allowing for immediate warming of the fuel.

This is an add-on fuel heater that will fit any DieselSite fuel system or separator as well as any aftermarket fuel setup with a #6 SAE (3/8" O-ring) inlet port.*

*If you have an older cast aluminum housing from any aftermarket system, including ours, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to our new billet units. Any aging and corroding units could have threads that may not be strong enough to support the weight of the heater. Special pricing exists for customers who want to make the upgrade from an older unit.

Diesel fuel is prone to waxing or gelling in cold weather; both are terms for the solidification of diesel oil into a partially crystalline state. The existence of solidified waxes thickens the oil and clogs fuel filters and injectors in engines. The crystals build up in the fuel line (especially in fuel filters) until the engine is starved of fuel, causing it to quit. 

For installation: Black wire goes to ground, red wire goes to any key-on power source. Each vehicle application is unique.  Under the hood fuse panel is the most common source.  Using a volt meter, you can check circuits that are key on. Find the hot side of the fuse circuit and using the supplied power tap, attach the red wire.   Extra fittings are included for install flexibility. Install the heater into the inlet port and connect the incoming fuel to one of the three ports on the housing. Plug off the remaining two ports in the housing with the supplied plugs.

Don’t get stranded.  Protect yourself today.