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Wicked Wheel® 2 for Holset H2E

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Holset turbos use two different style nuts holding the wheel on.
If it is a 6 point nut, then tighten to 133 in/lbs.
If it is a 12 point nut, then tighten to 124 in/lbs.
It is a left hand thread (reverse thread), meaning you turn the nut to the right to loosen.
Dyno results from an F550 with stock injectors and an H2E.


Thanks for selecting me as tester for the H2e version of WW2

 I just got back from Winder Ga. and working with Bill to install and test the wheel

Bill was awesome to work with.  Having his background, and tools focused on my truck was quite an experience. Nobody has looked at my truck at that depth.  Thanks for working with Bill to make all that happen.

 I am thrilled with the results!  A nice bump in horsepower and a major improvement in response and drivability.  

My turbo is also much quieter than stock.  That was a surprise, I assumed it would be the same as stock or a little louder.  Wheel installation was easy and within the capabilities of most mechanically inclined folks.  My tunes did not have to be adjusted.  Adding the wheel should be a great bang for the buck modification for folks with the H2e. 

I really did not think my truck had turbo lag and did not understand how that lag affected drivability.  On the way home in the hills of Ga. and SC. my truck schooled me via the cruise control on lag and its effect on drivability.  

 On the way down to Winder it was coast down a hill no load and boost and then starting to climb the next hill waiting for the boost to build while the speed dropped (truck had no power for a short period of time).  My truck was always like that, empty or towing it did not matter.  The stock turbo (modified with Banks wheel and 1.0 housing) and then with the H2e both had lag.  That was just the way it was.  After all it is a diesel, that’s how it is with the 7.3 Powerstroke, was what I told myself.  Well, not anymore!  

 On the way home cruise control at 70 mph the boost was instantaneous climbing hills with no drop in speed.  I actually had to change my driving style and change into the passing lane earlier when passing slower traffic because I was running up on them much faster than before. 

My Father in-law has a 2012 6.7L F-350, I have driven his truck for 1000 miles or so towing and empty.  It seems like the power is always there, with no lag.  My 2001 7.3 now has that same feel to it.  When we go on trips with my In-laws towing our campers, my Father in-law stayed several hundred yards behind me and would not use his cruise control.   My truck would lose speed on the hills and He would quickly run up on me on.  I think those days are over.

 Sorry I got so long winded. Please cut and paste, if you want to use any or all of this in a testimonial.

 Thanks again!  

 Take care, Tim