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DieselSite Wicked Turbo Kit for 94-97 7.3L OBS

DieselSite 1994-1997 7.3L "OBS" Wicked Turbo Kit
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Introducing a fully-rebuildable performance turbocharger kit for Ford 7.3L "OBS" trucks  


60mm Inducer - For injectors up to 160cc
66mm Inducer - For injectors 160cc - 250cc

Assembled with a custom Wicked Wheel® 2 performance billet compressor wheel and a Turbo-Master™ mechanical wastegate controller, this is an upgraded, brand-new turbocharger to replace the TP38 used on stock OBS Ford 7.3Ls.

The center section is a journal bearing support with a 360° thrust washer capable of handling higher boost levels. This turbocharger is fully rebuildable.

feature exclusive to all DieselSite turbochargers: a fully CNC-machined wastegate. ALL OEM cast or stamped-style wastegates leak - even when fully closed. In our testing we found that even at very low drive pressures of 5-10 psi the wastegates leaked off valuable pressure. Our machined wastegate holds 100% of drive pressure when closed.

Connects perfectly to your stock intake manifold or an Early 1999 intake plenum if you are already intercooled.

Turbocharger Kit includes the following:

  • Wicked Journal Bearing Turbo with Wicked Wheel 2 (60 or 66mm)
  • DieselSite Non-EBV Turbo pedestal
  • DieselSite Non-EBV Outlet flange (custom-made to fit OBS downpipe)
  • DieselSite Bellowed Up-pipe kit with collector
  • All mounting hardware

Turbocharger Features include:

  • 1.0 A/R turbine housing
  • 360° thrust washer
  • Turbo-Master mechanical wastegate controller
  • Larger high-performance Wicked Wheel® 2 compressor wheel (can choose either 60mm or 66mm compressor wheel)
  • Drop-in replacement - all o-rings needed for installation are included
  • Full 1-year Warranty!

Benefits include:

  • Reduced EGT’s
  • More Horsepower
  • Increased performance
  • Faster spooling and throttle response
  • Fully adjustable drive pressure relief system
  • Superior surge control & air flow over stock and modified turbochargers

Benefits of journal bearings are longer life and more durable and less susceptible to debris from oil.

For those that live at high elevations or for whatever reasons feel they need to - YES, YOUR STOCK .84 AR EXHAUST HOUSING WILL FIT AND WORK WELL. There is a downside to expect of slightly higher exhaust temps, but spool is better at high elevations.