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Dieselsite GM8 Turbo

Dieselsite GM8 Turbo with 360° Thrust Washer for 1992-2000 6.5L C/K Diesel Trucks
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Heath Diesel: GM8
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Dieselsite GM8 Turbo with 360° Thrust Washer

Dieselsite's GM8 Turbo was designed to meet the needs of those who aren't necessarily looking for the super-high performance of our Hurricane 2 Ball Bearing Turbo. Whether you are looking for a direct stock replacement, or are on a budget, this turbo is for you. Many aftermarket 6.5L turbos are manufactured with a 270° thrust washer to cut costs. We use a 360° thrust washer to increase the durability and life span of our GM8 turbo. While the Dieselsite GM8 turbo is a stock replacement, it is compatible with our 6.5L turbo upgrades that you can add on in the future.

Turbo upgrades compatible with Dieselsite's GM8 turbo:

Dieselsite 6.5L Turbo Blanket (part # BLANKET65) :

Included with this turbo: Turbo oil drain gasket (paper), turbo to exhaust manifold gasket (metal), mounting studs, and mounting nuts.