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DIESELSITE Fuel System and Water Separator Filter Minder

For DieselSite Fuel Systems and Water Separators
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 “When should I change my fuel filter?”

This is a common question from customers that have the CPR Fuel Systems or Dieselsite’s Fuel Filter Water Separator.

Normally every 15,000 miles is adequate, but that is until bad fuel is introduced into your tank.  A restricted fuel filter can cause loss of power, poor fuel mileage, and in worse case- fuel blockage to injectors.  The fuel filter is doing its job, we just need to know when to change the filter.

The push button filter minder is a manual sight indicator mounted on the filter housing.  It will move to the red zone as an indicator that your fuel system is experiencing a restriction and you should inspect the filter element, and possibly replace with a new filter.  Specially designed for the CPR fuel System and Dieselsite Fuel Filter Water Separators, the push button filter minder is calibrated to at 10 inHg to the red zone. This indicates a restriction and filter should be changed at this time.

Install on any of the "IN" ports of the housing.