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We have limited supply and once supply runs out, this product may not be returning for quite some time.



Here's what you experience…

  • Easier quicker starts
  • Smoother idle
  • Better acceleration
  • 10-40hp
  • Reduction of loss of boost during shifts.
  • Increased atomization- better fuel economy
  • Much quieter operation- you'll swear you're driving a different truck! - No more "clatter"

  • Application: 1994-1997 7.3L Powerstroke  F250 / F350 (dual-tank only)

    Upgrades to the CPR  include new B-100 Bio-Diesel Compatible components.  The Seals in the filter are B-50 compatible. All of our systems are Ultra Low Sulfur Fuel compatible (ULSF)


    There's no denying that a proper fuel system can make the difference between a good running truck and a GREAT running truck.  Even if your truck is still stock there are benefits to installing a proper fuel system.  Although it provides power enhancement, the added longevity to your OEM or aftermarket parts is the key concern. The DIESELSITE CPR Fuel Systems address this concern and provide protection for your fuel system parts.  This protection applies to your factory fuel pump and injectors for the stock truck and any aftermarket pump or injectors for those who have replaced them.

    The CPR Fuel Systems aren't just about power and longevity.  We've provided a bolt in solution to make installation easy for any level of mechanic. **This system requires a moderate level of mechanical ability and an understanding of your vehicle's electrical wiring  **.  A basic wiring diagram will be included and all wire and connectors will be supplied. In fact, if you have even a fair level of mechanical ability you should be able to install the entire system in about 5-6 hours.   

    Special notes about the power source:

    Our system is not a "basic" kit. The fuel pump is powered through an oil pressure cut-out switch with a starter circuit. This means the fuel pump is only powered on when the engine is cranking or running. The pump is not a "key on" design as this type does not allow the use of scanners or any other key-on situations without having your fuel pump run constantly.

    We've been diagnosing and building Ford 7.3L Powerstroke fuel systems since 2001. We created the 1st fuel systems ever for the Powerstroke.  Our systems have been created to correct issues in the 7.3L Powerstroke fuel system.   We've added ease to the maintenance of your fuel filters and given you the ability to see problems within your system with a clear bowl in our pre-filter.

    These systems are all about longevity for your parts by providing removal of dirt, air and water.  But, an added bonus is the power enhancement to your existing upgrades that you can expect after replacing your fuel system… Every performance upgrade that you can add to your truck will be maximized. .  By providing good quality and sufficient quantity of fuel delivery to your injection system, you'll see peak performance from every performance upgrade that you install. Give your injectors the amount of fuel they need or your chip the amount of fuel it asks for and you'll be seeing more effective results and power gains than you can realize with those parts alone.  Improve the “heart” of the system and you'll improve the end results.


    Our Complete Pre-filtered Regulated Fuel System…


    There is no other fuel system like this one on the market for your OBS 7.3L Powerstroke.  Extensive testing has gone into the design of this fuel system. Years of diagnosing problems seen with OEM or other fuel systems has given us the data, research and development opportunities to make sure that this system works.  PERIOD.   It's not just a bunch of parts slapped together, put in a box and sold as a miracle cure for what ails your truck.  When we began developing these fuel systems almost four years ago, we tested several designs.  We are comfortable with only one - and it's the only one we'll put our name on.  A complete system to address all issues at once.  We found that adding components a few at a time can sometimes cause as many issues as they are attempting to address.  This is why we will not break the system up into modules you can add one at a time.  We know what works and that's what we've built for you.  A complete pre-filtered and regulated powerstroke replacement fuel system. There is no way to guarantee you the result that we know our fuel systems deliver without every piece of the puzzle in place.  We've got the safest, most complete and easiest to install fuel system replacement you'll find.  From the pickup in the tank and back to the return, we have addressed every problem with the factory fuel system that we had issues with.



    Here's what you get…


    • Electric In-line fuel pump 
    • Autometer 0-100 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge
    • Oil Pressure Cut-off switch- fuel pump cuts off should the engine die
    • Inertia switch- fuel pump will shut off in a head on-collision
    • PRE-PUMP 2-MICRON FUEL FILTER/WATER SEPARATOR: A 2 micron pre-pump filter to remove large particulates and water. For quality control all pre-filters will now be a Dieselsite/Dahl fuel filter water separator.  You will have superior water separation and equal or better micron rating than the factory fuel filter ever provided!
      call for more details...
    • FUEL LINES: All lines used are either teflon lined stainless steel braided or 30r9. Both are bio-diesel compatible. 
    • Aeromotive 100 micron stainless steel cleanable post pump filter 
    • FUEL LINES AT HEADS: In all of our CPR Fuel Systems, we use a method that is unlike any other we have seen on the market.  Our system places your regulator in a position that allows for maximum fuel FLOW to all injectors and an even and consistent fuel pressure throughout the system. This is the meat and bones of why ours is 100% self purging and provides consistent even pressure - especially in the heads - for longevity of your injectors. call for more details...
    • A “DIESEL RATED” REGULATOR FROM AEROMOTIVE - CNC machined from 6061-T651 billet aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardware. It is finished with a “bullet Proof” hard-coat anodized exterior. Only the diesel rated regulators are warranted for use in diesel applications. 
    • A custom fuel pump deletion fitting - CNC machined from billet aluminum. This is a unique item found only in the Dieselsite CPR fuel systems. This fitting allows for the removal of the OEM fuel pump from service. This makes a very clean and easy installation.
    • Swivel connections at the ends of all hoses, push lock and o-ring fittings are used for easy installation. 
    • Two check valves - The first is IN the filter. The DIESELSITE Dahl Fuel Filter/Water Separator has a check valve built in. This is the only check valve we have ever used. With the introduction of the CPR Fuel Systems we have added the second for protection from drainback during your filter maintenance. The second is only needed during filter maintance and is there for your convenience.  As our system is 100% self-purging, and will purge all air immediately upon starting.  However, by eliminating drainback, your system will start easier and quicker than it did before your fuel system installation.  There are no cold start issues with the CPR Fuel Systems.
    • Complete bolt-on setup - pre-mounted on custom brackets for the pre-filter, regulator, and the return line cooler.
    • Pushlock fittings and swivel connections for easy installation (also easy removal and replacement should any issue occur) 
    • We have added a return line fuel cooler that will remove most of the heat picked up by the heads. Cooler fuel, denser fuel, better efficiency, better power and longer pump life will be realized with this addition to your fuel system. With the heat picked up by the heads, even in the winter, gelling issues are not a concern.
    • The Factory banjo bolt is eliminated.

     Customer testimonials

    Posted by diesel 97;

    Got my fuel system from Bob on Thursday afternoon bout 5PM from the brown truck,I immediately opened it up and started unpacking it.Went to work on it Friday morning for about 3 hours,then again this afternoon for a bit.Finished it up had dinner then went for a ride to test it out.OMG I could not believe the difference this system made.I was not really thinking that I would be able to feel the difference by installing it but man I was WRONG!!!!Nice power gain on the low end but where it really seems to shine is the high end.Was on the highway floored it and it just kept pulling and pulling till I let off.The kit came complete with everything needed for the install,and when I say everything I mean everything right down to the last wire tie.The full color instruction manual binder that comes with it also is top notch.The way that it is explained how to do install it is very simple.Before ordering this system I was on the fence on whether to buy his kit or find and locate all the parts needed and do it myself.Man am I glad I went with DIESELSITE.I want to thank Bob and Sheryl for all the great work that they put into this system.Its definitely a winner in my book.Now if I can only get my pulse pump here and installed before dyno day.(Bob you listening?)Keep up the great work guys.   


    Posted by BardorBrad;

    WOW, what a difference from go. Idle is so smooth now. Starts so fast now it seems if you look at the keys it will turn over. On take off, the truck will spool as normal, 30 lbs but now when the truck shifts thru the gears, my boost only dips down 2-5 lbs, staying up at 25-27 lbs until I get out of the pedal.


    Just received my new CPR fuel system and installed it over the weekend.Definitely a nice upgrade!The truck runs a lot smoother and is noticeably quieter.The quality of all the parts and pieces are outstanding.I've been building street rods for about 17 years,and,I'd have to say that it is very rare to get a kit that is this well thought out and put together.The install instructions are incredible,Thanks Bob,  Andy