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DIESELSITE 7.3L Timing Cover Repair Kit & Plates

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Each kit comes with one tool, one plate, and one package of sealant. 
The mounting tool must be used to properly set the bronze wear plate. 

If you have already purchased a tool, additional plates and sealant are available separately in the drop-down selection.

Finally there's a fix for that damaged timing cover. No need to replace the timing cover, which requires the engine to be pulled to accomplish.  If you have experienced light or even heavy scratches in your cover from a failed low pressure oil pump, you can now repair it easily and be back on the road the next day.

Simply remove the original oil pump and thoroughly clean all surfaces. A special new wear plate is siliconed to the timing cover using a machine ground install tool.  Let plate set up overnight, remove tool, trim away any dry silicon extending outside the wear plate with a razor blade (an exacto knife works great), and install new pump as normal. 

This is also a great addition to a newly built motor as a preventative measure against any scratching from debris on the timing cover.  Should any damage ever happen again, a simple plate replacement and your back on the road.

Besides any benefit of repairing damages to the front timing cover, there is another benefit that will help anyone.  These plates provide a better surface for the pump gear allowing more flow by creating more efficiency.