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Dieselsite 6.5L Turbo Boot

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This boot is an upgraded hose for the 6.5L applications.  The kit includes the hose and two spring loaded t-bolt clamps.

DieselSite introduced aramid boots to the market almost 7 years ago. We wanted the best oil and heat resistance properties we could get along with superior strength. Silicone hoses are incompatible with oil and will start to break down over time. Our boots are an oil resistant three layer design. The inner fluoroelastomer super lining protects our aramid reinforced core layer from oil penetration caused by the crankcase vent system.  And now we’ve added reinforcing aramid fibers to this inner lining for protection against oil penetration caused by improper installation of clamps being overtightened or cuts from casting burrs or sharp pipe edges. A rubber external layer provides better bite for the clamp.