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E-Max AC

"NEW" E-Max A/C
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NEW from Dieselsite, Electric Max A/C

Drop your A/C air temps using the new Max A/C from Dieselsite.  This new unit stops coolant flow through your heater core. Your A/C unit no longer has to fight to cool over the heat from the heater core. Drop your temperatures significantly with this new valve.

Install is easy: Valve easily installs under the hood by connecting to your heater core hose. Switch then mounts in the cab and connects to any key-on power source.

In the past you needed the Max A/C valve and the Cold Rush from Dieselsite to decrease your air temps in vent mode or in regular A/C mode. Now we have improved the system and made it into one kit.

Comes in both 5/8" and 3/4" valves. Check your heater core hose size before ordering.