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DieselSite Cold Rush Upgrade - for use with DieselSite 7.3L MAX AC Assist & 6.0L MAX AC Assist

Cold Rush - Upgrade to allow use of the Dieselsite 7.3L and 6.0L Max A/C units in all settings.
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Brought to you by customer demand, the Cold Rush is an add-on upgrade to the Max A/C. This electronically actuated valve will allow you to get the benefits of the Max A/C in every setting!!

You must have a Dieselsite Max AC or an OEM installed heater valve on the Superduty V-8, V-10, 7.3L or 6.0L engines. This is not a stand-alone unit.

This DIESELSITE Cold Rush will shut off coolant flow through the heater core whenever the switch is activated. The result is a decrease in duct temperature by as much as 10-20 degrees. This gets COLD! The Cold Rush will allow those in cool climates to be able to use the vents as they were intended and get outside air temps through them instead of warm air. Simply Put, you have the ultimate climate control from the cab in any mode of the air conditioning system controls. Install takes about 30 minutes and requires no special tools. Everything you need is included in the kit. Full detailed instructions including color pictures are included. NOTE: For those that do not have Upfitter Switches, we supply you with a switch in the kit.


Bob, Cold Rush is an outstanding product with simple, easy to follow installation instructions. Being able to enjoy cool outside temperatures with the vents in any setting without the use of the A/C is what I've always wanted. Colder air in the summer with the flip of a switch is like having a whole other setting.This product pays for itself with the gas savings alone!. AAAA+++ Thanks. Demoe