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Colder AC / Vent

Colder AC and Vent Diesel Performance Parts

Improve the air temperatures in your truck with diesel performance parts from DieselSite. Our business provides you with the E-Max AC, a unit that stops the coolant flow through your heater core, which means your AC will no longer have to fight to cool the heat from the heater core. We also provide Max AC Assist Control Valves and our Cold Rush Upgrade that accomplish a similar task. People who have installed these products installed in their vehicles love being able to control the climate in their truck without worrying about wasting gas.

When you shop with DieselSite, you can remain confident that you are purchasing the best accessories and parts for your vehicle. Our company is dedicated to offering innovative new product solutions for problems in diesel trucks that also enhance their performance.  Check out the selections featured in our store, such as our Ford PowerStroke transmission and diesel maintenance selections, and place an online order with our business.

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