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1994-1997 Ford 7.3L DIESELSITE Engine Cooling Fan

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Product Description

This is a replacement for the metal fan found on the 1994-1997 "OBS" 7.3L Ford PSD trucks. 

Similar to the 6.0L fan that has been popular in the OBS community, our fan is constructed with thicker material for durability.  We have also adjusted the pitch of the blades for improved air flow - a similar concept to our Wicked Wheel® 2 - designed to provide much more air movement, better balance, smoother operation, and maximum efficiency.

Our fan is slightly larger than stock* but is a direct replacement for the OEM fan requiring no modifications to install**.


Our fan is designed to be a drop-in for stock applications, however, there are known issues with aftermarket radiators or other front end modifications that will effect the clearance required for the upgraded fan.  Aftermarket upgrades are not always an issue, sometimes existing clearance concerns can cause contact.  Please measure your clearance and if you do not have at least 1 3/8" clearance, then you can utilize our spacer to help in these situations. 

Please make sure your radiator and fan shroud are secured correctly and that you do not have a bad transmission mount (causing tilt).  Note:  The fan will only flex towards the radiator, not towards the engine.


We provide a spacer for proper fitment for use with the aftermarket Fluidampr® balancer. 

THIS SPACER IS REQUIRED if you used a Fluidampr® and must be used in conjunction with any spacer provided to you from Fluidampr®; do not discard either spacer.  Failure to use the required spacers will mean contact and damage.