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Hurricane 2 Ball Bearing Turbocharger for 6.5L C/K Diesel Trucks

1992-2000 GM8 Ball Bearing Turbo with Wicked Wheel 2 and Turbo Master for C/K Diesel Trucks
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Finally! A Ball Bearing Turbo for the 6.5L!

The Hurricane 2 GM8 Ball Bearing Turbo Charger

Stock and replacement turbos (including the HX35) are manufactured with a journal bearing. This was the standard go-to for Turbo manufacturers. When we set out to develop this turbo, we wanted a ball bearing that was high quality. The ceramic bearing we found comes from Germany, and is of very high quality. Ball bearing turbos spool faster because there is less drag or resistance to the spinning of the turbo assembly. 

We incorporated the high performance Wicked Wheel 2 billet compressor wheel, along with the Heath Diesel Turbo-Master wastegate controller and 360* thrust bearing. Results: The best spooling, boost producing turbo yet!!

  • Increased Horsepower
  • Increased Boost
  • Greatly Improved Throttle Response
  • Lower EGT's
  • Lower Drive Pressure*
*Drive pressure is the exhaust pressure that is produced when you have a load on the engine. This has always been a concern with the 6.5L. Adding a more efficient turbo can help in this area.
Custom made with an EGT port in the base of the turbo for easy installation of an EGT probe. (The most accurate place for measuring Exhaust Gas Temps!)

Comes with 1 year warranty.

The Hurricane 2's best performance is utilized by Heath's ECU computer tuning (50HP Tow tune or 80HP Performance tune) to help maximize fuel tables and boost control. However, this Turbo can be installed without it.