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Legendary E4OD Heavy Duty Diesel Transmission

E4OD 7.3L Diesel Heavy Duty Transmission
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Product Description

Valued Customer:

At this time, due to material shortages, DIESELSITE is not adding to our current build queue.  As such, we will not be issuing out quotes or estimates or shipping new units until we deem a time when transmission building can resume. 
We apologize for the inconvenience.


Engineered to Last

  • Heavy Duty E4OD for the 7.3L IDI and 7.3L Powerstroke
  • All Internals upgraded to 4R100 Hard Parts
  • All E4OD valve bodies and solenoids upgraded to 1996 (latest E4OD) models
  • Designed for demanding conditions
  • Improved Performance at Affordable Pricing
  • Eliminates sloppy shifting
  • E4OD Transmissions are built to order, however with short lead times
  • Each Unit 100% Dyno Tested – NO DOAs
  • Built in the USA

1990-1998 Ford E4OD
Heavy Duty Diesel Transmissions for the 7.3L IDI and 7.3L Powerstroke Engines:

We must have your case and tail housing casting numbers to compete your build. We will contact you for this info after you order.

Several years in the making.
After purchasing Factory Tech Transmissions in April of 2012, we spent the last couple years setting up the lathes and mills to cut special parts, installing blast cabinets, paint booths, and our state of the art $250,000 dynamometer powered by BlueReach Automation. We can duplicate actual driving and load conditions in a truck, including all upshifts and downshifts.


  • Designed for towing performance.
  • Increased power transfer to the rear wheels
  • Improved shift feel
  • More durable than OEM.
  • Clutch material designed to handle extended and elevated temperatures without burning.

Standard Specifications in every transmission:

  • Direct and Forward clutches built with 120% of OEM clutch surface area.
  • Coast Clutch upgraded with 200% of OEM clutch surface area, custom spiral snap ring, and fully cut snap ring groove to hold up to exhaust brakes.
  • Overdrive built with 133% of OEM clutch surface area to hold up to towing in OD.
  • Intermediate clutches built with 133% of OEM clutch surface area.
  • Pump modified for increased line pressure
  • Spiral snap ring over center support.
  • 45 element intermediate sprag
  • All 4R100 OE upgrades are added- this is why the added cost of the E4OD over the 4R100.

  • Case to center support sealed to prevent internal leakage
  • All steel planetary gears.

  • Every single clutch pack is measured and set to exact clearances- every unit within .003"
  • Torrington bearings throughout.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE! High Energy 850° frictions in all gears  - no 4R100 has ever had this. A DieselSite exclusive!
  • Full thickness steels for maximum heat transfer from clutches
  • Every remanufactured part is run through our de-burring machine.

  • New Output Speed Sensor
  • New Transmission Speed Sensor
  • New Transmission Range Sensor
  • New thermal bypass valve
  • Custom In-house built valve body for shorter shift duration - firmer shifts and longer clutch life.
  • We have a transmission hydraulic circuit pressure test machine to insure no internal leakage occurs.

  • Every Unit fully tested in our own Transmission Dynamometer - No DOA units leave here!
  • ......Many more modifications we do to improve performance and reliability

  Shipping based on your location. If you need liftgate service, you will need to specify this and be aware that there is a 75.00 additional charge for this service. We will handle all the shipping arrangements getting the transmission to you in a shipping container and arrange the pick-up of your core when you are ready. So, this shipping cost is all inclusive (other than liftgate if needed) to cover shipping to you and the shipping to get the core back to us.

Core Charge. The transmission is shipped to you in a molded shipping container. We must get this case back with your transmission core. If you send back your core without the case, you will only get $1000.00 of your core fee returned. The case has a $200.00 core fee on it. If you ordered a TC and do not send your tc core back with your transmission, there will be another $150.00 deducted.

Custom Tuning Notes: Ask your tuner to leave the line pressures set at stock levels. Increasing line pressures electronically will only cause very harsh shifts.

Options for custom builds include:

  • MagHytec Deep Transmission Pan
  • 300M Advanced Alloy Billet Input Shaft
  • 300M Advanced Alloy Billet Intermediate Shaft
  • 300M Advanced Alloy Billet Output Shaft
  • Single Sided Intermediate Clutch Pack- Designed for high rpms/ high hp drag racing applications. This is a must for Ford Lightning owners!