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Dieselsite E4OD / 4R100 / 5R110 Transmission Pan and Filter

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Product Description

DIESELSITE Deep Transmission Oil Pans are made from heavy duty 356T6 cast aluminum.  After using several of the aftermarket pans on our Legendary and Hercules transmissions, we wanted to develop our own pan to get the best filtration, make it stronger to product the case, and ease the installation.

This pan uses the late 5R110 filter to maximize the filtration.  The added thickness of the flange acts as a support girdle to prevent twisting of the case during high torque applications.  The new fastener application allows for ease of installation.


• Increased Flange Thickness
• Stud and Flanged Nut Fasteners
• Deep Sump
• Upgraded Late 5R110 Filter
• Magnetic Drain Plug
• Temperature Sensor Port


- Increased strength to reduce catastrophic failure - flange thickness acts as a girdle for case rigidity
- 5 quart increased fluid capacity (estimated)
- Maximum filtration
- Collection of foreign metallic material
- Gage ready for temperature monitoring

Studs allow for full thread engagement in case which greatly increase clamp load.

Uses Ford Replacement Filter: 
(etched into pan surface for reference)

What's Included?:
- Deep Transmission Pan
- Gasket
- Hardware
- Filter

What Applications will this Fit?
1989 - 1997 E4OD | Gas & Diesel
1998 - 2003 4R100 | Gas & Diesel
2003 - 2010 5R110 | Gas & Diesel