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Dieselsite Non-EBV Pedestal & Flange for 1999-2003 7.3L

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Non Exhaust Backpressure Valve (EBV) pedestal and outlet flange for use in 1999-2003 F-Series* 7.3L with Wicked Turbos, stock turbos, GTP38R, or other OE style drop in turbos made to use stock external components.

Help eliminate a restriction in exhaust flow and/or replacing failed pedestal solenoids by removing them entirely.
You must use both pedestal and flange for the delete. Do not use non-ebv flange without the non-ebv pedestal; vice versa.

What's included?
Pedestals:  Top and bottom sets of o-rings (4 o-rings total).
Flange:  Mounting bolts (7 total).
Choose from a complete kit with both or individually.

Cross references:
Early 1999 Pedestal : 700296-0007
1999.5-2003 Pedestal : 702670-0002
1999-2003 Flange : 451274-0005

*E-Series must identify which style pedestal and outlet came on vehicles.  It is not uncommon for late model E-Series to come equipped with early model or OBS model components.