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6.5L Remote Fuel Filter Kit

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This fuel filter system installs using a custom bracket and works in conjunction with the factory filter. The fuel gets filtered by the factory filter which is 13 microns, then gets filtered by Baldwin BF1212 Fuel Filter. (Micron Rating:4 Nominal; 20 Absolute)
then finally makes its way to the injection pump. This is a water coalescing filter, so it features a drain valve on the bottom. We strongly recommend this kit if a vehicle is receiving a replacement injection pump to help prevent any damage caused by poor fuel quality.

The optional mounting bracket can also be used to mount our Coolant Filter Kit. If you have already purchased our mounting bracket for your coolant filter kit, you will not need it for the fuel filter kit. If you have not, you will need to add it to your order.  All Heavy Duty Trucks came with a coolant filter, while the light duty trucks and vans did not. Click here to read more about the coolant filter for your 6.5L Turbo Diesel.