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Dieselsite 6.5L Turbo Blanket

Dieselsite's turbo blanket for the Hurricane 2 and stock GM8 turbos.
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Why use a Turbo Blanket?

Turbocharger insulating has been promoted for its benefits for many years.

 1. Insulating the exhaust side of the turbo can increase power and decrease turbo lag.

Trapping heat in the turbine is actually a good thing. The expansion of hot gasses will cause the turbo to spool faster.

2. It Decreases under-hood temperatures.

Keeping the "under the hood" temps down is always a good idea. Primarily, it allows the intake charge to stay cooler and the Inter-cooler and radiator will work more efficiently.
Lower temps mean less wear and tear from temperatures on plastics and rubbers and reduces heat transfer to the firewall and cab.

3. Keeping the turbo section hot will help the exhaust gases flow faster, thus reducing spool times.

            In physics, dissipating heat slowly equates to wasted potential energy. Thermodynamics could explain that the more heat you retain in the system, the greater the efficiency of the turbo is.

 Note: If your turbo has a heat shield installed, this must be removed to use this product. It will not fit over the heat shield.

Warning! Turbo Blanket material is made with Lava Rock fiber which can be an irritant to some people, similar to fiberglass insulation.  If you have sensitive skin, please consider wearing gloves during your install.