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6.5L Turbo Oil Drain Kit

1992-2000 C/K Truck Turbo Oil Drain Kit
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1992-2000 C/K Truck 6.5L/HY35/HX35 Turbo Oil Drain Kit

Replacing the Hard Oil Drain Tube can be challenging most of time. Getting the surfaces to stay flat and getting a socket or wrench onto the bolts is not easy.  The new molded adapter can be bolted onto the turbo off the truck, then after the turbo is mounted just slide the hose into place, tighten the clamps and you are ready to go. 

The Heath Diesel turbo oil drain kit includes the adapter w/ gasket for the turbo, formed hose, and all the clamps you will need for installation. 
The hose is a high quality, formed hose that slips by the manifold so you don’t need to worry about it getting too hot. 
The fitting is a nice angled fitting that helps keep the hose from getting too close to the turbo or manifolds. 
With proper fitting, hose, and clamps – you will have a turbo drain kit that installs in just a few minutes and prevents oil leaks for an extended period of time!