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6.5L Bellowed Stainless Crossover Pipe

Dieselsite Bellowed Stainless Crossover Pipe for all 1992-2000 AUTOMATIC 6.5L diesel applications.
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*Note*  These will not work with manual transmissions right now, but we are working on the set(s). Please check back soon!

  Finally, a cross-over pipe with bellows! You may not know, but the OE pipes have no ability to flex during thermal expansion. This puts all of the stress on the mounting bolts and the donut gaskets. This eventually causes loose bolts, broken bolts, or damaged gaskets. Either way, a leak here can drastically reduce the turbos ability to make boost and really lower your fuel economy. The clear benefit of our bellowed pipe is the ability to expand and contract, preventing your gaskets or bolts from leaking. Another big advantage to our pipe is the V-Band clamp. This drastically shortens install time and prevents any fitment issues since you can install each piece individually and clamp them together when you’re done. This also allows for a much more secure fit and a tighter seal, so no more leaky slip joint! Additionally, we provided a welded bung for your EGT probe, so no drilling and tapping required!

We’ve got 2 different kits for 3 different applications so be sure to choose the one that’s right for you.

 2WD- This version has been shortened slightly to reduce charge time and turbo spool time. This kit is for 2wd trucks that could use the benefits of a little more performance and reliability.

 4WD [not lifted]- Our modified OE design with bellows to prevent broken bolts and premature donut gasket failure.  If you have a 4wd with no lift, this is the kit you need.

4WD [lifted]If you try to lift your 4WD truck or Suburban you may notice that the front driveshaft blocks the cross over pipe, forcing you to fab a custom crossover pipe if you want to make it work. Our pipe is made specifically to avoid this issue. If you want to do a lift or you already have a lifted truck and need to replace your crossover, this is the kit for you!

Note: "Lifted" is a vague term. Body lifts, torsion keys, etc, do not change driveshaft angle enough or at all in some cases. These are not classified as a "lift" where this modification is concerned. This use of the term "lifted" refers to a true suspension lift of 4" or greater. 

There is one brand of lift out there that lifts the front of the truck 2" by the use of drop brackets to move all your factory components down. Unfortunately, we do not offer a crossover pipe to fit this particular application. It moves the driveshaft angle only a small amount, but enough that either of our kits interfere.

 *If you decide to do a lift later, and you already have our 4wd kit, you can request just one piece to fit the new lift.



Pipe Material- 409 Stainless Steel

Pipe Inner Diameter- 2.5 inches

            EGT Probe Bung Size- 1/4” NPT

 What’s in the box:

            2x Stainless steel bellowed pipes

            2x High temp donut gaskets

            6x M10 flanged steel bolts

            1x V-Band clamp


            1992-2000 GM 6.5L engines with automatic transmissions*

* These will not work with manual transmissions right now, but we are working on the set(s). Please check back soon!