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2003-2007 Ford 6.0L High Pressure Oil Rail Nipples & Tool

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A solution for leaking oil rails without the need to replace expensive oil rails. Now, you can rebuild them!

The oil rail "nipple" is the connection from the oil rail to the injector itself. It is designed to swivel so it can center itself into the injector as you drop the rail into place. The problem comes when you remove the rail after it has been installed for some time. As the nipple re-centers itself, you will not necessarily seat the o-ring exactly as it was before and the o-ring now leaks. The 2nd issue is the nipple itself wears out from the injector seal and the high pressure oil.

We offer the tool to remove the nut holding the nipple in place. Remove the nut, remove the old nipple and o-ring. Clean socket, re-install o-ring, nipple and nut. Tighten to 75 ft/lbs.

You need 4 nipples per oil rail. So, for all 2003-2007 6.0L engines, you will need 8 nipples to repair both oil rails.  This is a set of all 8.