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2003-2004 Updated HPOP Cover

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Product Description

The 2003-2004 Ford 6.0L high pressure oil pump cover had a few flaws. It was not cast with enough clearance that it interferes with the J-tube distribution pipe on top of the high pressure oil pump. This caused wear on the tube in severe cases.

In less severe cases, it caused oil seal failures on the upper pipe going through the cover because it distorted the angle of the pipe. it also has a very soft, porous surface on the sleeve through the cover where the o-ring seals. This wears or pits again causing o-ring failure.

Ford updated the cover for warranty related issues AFTER the truck years were out of production. This new cover has a new casting clearance area to allow the distribution pipe to be unaffected. Ford has since discontinued producing this part. We have these new style covers. We are refurbishing them to new specifications. If the sleeve is damaged, we re-sleeve them.