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2003-2004.5 6.0L Dieselsite Billet Adrenaline High Pressure Oil Pump

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Product Description

The Adrenaline high-volume high pressure oil pump is the perfect solution for any injector setup. 

This is a heavy-duty, bolt-on replacement HPOP that benefits all setups - even stock trucks with stock programming will see and feel a difference. 

You will experience more pulling power, better fuel economy, horsepower increase (increase changes based on injector size), and quicker startups.  

The Adrenaline has been on the market for nearly 15 years and is tried and true by the 6.0L community.  Our units are upgraded with custom internals and design changes to get the most out of a single housing pump while improving reliability over the stock unit.  

Every Adrenaline leaves tested to the same flow rate specifications prior to shipment - NO UNIT LEAVES UNTESTED.

What advantage does using a BILLET housing have?

DIESELSITE does everything we can to quality control the integrity of cores and core housings received, however, there are some designs on the original cast housing prone to failure that are unavoidable.

The 6.0L cast aluminum pumps from factory have a particular reputation for being problematic. 

Everything from internal cavitation, blown check balls, cracked housings, and gear failures is addressed by our billet housing to offer a more robust and modern heart for your motor.

What's Included?

• Inlet O-Ring (bottom of pump)
• Outlet O-Ring (top of pump)
• D-Ring for J-Tube (into the cover)

Output Versions vs Injector Size:

• Slightly Larger than Stock --- stock to 190cc

This slightly above stock output unit, while not technically an Adrenaline, has all the same upgrades as the high output version in regards to durability.  This model is available for those looking to address the longevity concerns without spending the extra amount on a High Volume unit.

• High Volume Adrenaline --- 190cc / 205cc and higher

This high output version was made for those running a larger injector setup, however it may also be used on a stock setup with no ill effects (ideal for the customer waiting to do his injectors or build at a later date with a pump ready to support it).  Our High Volume units have been featured in drag-truck builds with injectors as large as 300cc!

There is real world experience on nearly every injector size offered and tuning available to make it compatible. 
Please call us with specific size if you are worried about the limitations.

*We offer a 3 year unlimited warranty covering the unit for anything short of abuse, tampering, and obvious physical damaged caused by user.

You will need knowledge on the location and installation procedures to do this mod!


There are two options to purchase: 
a) you may pay a core charge and have a unit shipping prior to your core return
b) you may send your core up ahead and avoid the core charge - we will email you instructions on where to send the core up ahead if you choose this option

*If your core has irreparable damage done to the housing, there will be only a partial credit return. 
*Please call the office if you have concerns on your core unit in regards to unusual external damage.

You have 45 DAYS to return your pump core for a full core charge refund.  You must send a 2003-2004 model year aluminum pump with gear; we will accept your core return after the return period but fees may be involved if there has been too long of a delay.  Please call if you know you will need more time on your return.


DIESELSITE does not provide a return label for core returns at this time. 

If you send additional cores with the original, we will credit an extra $150 per unit.
You do not need to purchase an Adrenaline to receive this credit, please call the office if you have cores to sell! 
Currently buying all 1994-2004 7.3L and 6.0L aluminum models.


The Adrenaline comes with a 3 year unlimited mile warranty.

Your unit MUST BE SENT IN FOR TESTING to CONFIRM REPAIR REQUIRED for any warranty concerns.  A replacement unit will NOT be shipped ahead.  With billet Adrenaline units, your unit will be rebuilt into the original housing purchased.  DIESELSITE will not accept diagnosis from any individual prior to receiving the unit for testing. There is no refund on the Adrenaline unless it is in new and unused/uninstalled condition.

DIESELSITE is not responsible for any damages or costs incurred in the event of a claim and repair including but not limited to labor, towing, or replacement parts.  DIESELSITE will be responsible for the testing and reshipment of your unit in the event of a warranty concern; we will cover return shipping back to the customer regardless of bench results, there is no charge to bench test at this time.  Fresh re-installation gaskets will also be provided.