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1992-2000 6.5L Chevy/GMC Turbo Outlet Boot

Boot for the Turbo Outlet to the Manifold
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DIESELSITE boots are designed to replace leaking and deteriorated boots on the 6.5L Chevy / GMC turbo diesels.

Our boots are made of a more durable material and have a stronger hold for trucks making higher boost numbers.  Higher boost can stretch the limits of a saturated set of factory boots and could blow your boots right off.  In some cases, even stock or under-powered vehicles will experience boots that slip and lose grip if they've lost integrity and are saturated in oil.


One Boot that connects the turbo outlet to the intake manifold and clamps.

• 1992-2000 :
(1) Turbo Outlet Boot measuring 2.5" Inner Diameter
(2) T-Bolt Style Clamps

Torque spec is 60 in/lbs - DO NOT EXCEED!


Stock boot material is silicone; however, this type of material is NOT oil compatible.  This material will break down over time in these applications as the PSD incorporates a closed crankcase vent system.  This means oil travels through the intake and comes in constant contact with the boots.  This oil contact causes deterioration and leaks due to the incompatibility of the silicon boots and the oil from your crankcase.  In fact, if you have seen an oil mist all over the valley of your PSD and wondered where it was coming from, chances are it was caused by leaking and deteriorated stock boots.  The stock boots WILL leak air and oil and cause a 3-4 PSI loss in boost.


This is a DIESELSITE original product and has been treated with the highest quality.  We ordered sample upon sample of hose material and clamps until we were satisfied with the quality of the parts and certain of their integrity in our application.  Our boots are made of a hose that is reinforced with a 5-ply braided synthetic fabric.  It will not kink or collapse.  The special synthetic rubber is exceptionally resistant to heat, ozone, gasoline, gasohol, methanol, ethanol, and diesel fuel.  It can withstand the engine heat and 100 psi boost pressure.  With care, this is a virtually indestructible boot material.

Our boots are Fluorolastomer lined to handle the heat and oil.  Fluorolastomers are synthetic, rubber-like materials used in gaskets and o-rings. Their unique properties make these products ideal for high-performance aerospace and automotive applications and environments that are extremely harsh and challenging.