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Riley Industries is a rapidly expanding family owned business.Recent additions to our warehouse, office and shop space allow us to continue our growth and house our full fleet of Ford gas and diesel vehicles. Dieselsite was a pioneer in the diesel performance industry and we have expanded to include several others, including sister sitewww.blueovalsite.comfor Ford gas vehicles.  Ourproduct line includes a broad spectrum of filtration and maintenance items to prolong the life of your Ford diesel or gas vehicle.

Our diesel business caters Chevy and Dodge as well Ford.  Weare manufactures of a complete line of unique performance, maintenance and accessory items. We also maintain warehouse distributor status for many big names in the industry.  www.dieselsite.comis one of many websites owned by Riley Industries, a family owned and operated business that has been in the industry since 1997. We were the "e;pioneers"e; to enter the internet realm in the light duty diesel performance, accessory and maintenance world. We have watched many companies grow and many companies come and go since we started. We stay strong due to our commitment to customer service and integrity to do what is right in dealing with anything that comes our way. No one here at Dieselsite will try to sell you a product that you really do not need. I would rather make a friend than sell a bill of goods to you and therefore only have a customer for one transaction. A good friend once told me years ago that too many companies spend all their time and money in recruiting new customers, and too few spend one minute on keeping an old one. I want happy return customers who trust me.

We strive to have good prices, and in many cases, they are simply tough to beat. We still carry some of the products that are saturated in the market and spread pretty thin.  But make no mistake, we won't be wasting time trying to compete with the people who are giving those popular items away.  We have those products available at the MAP pricing required by the manufacturer and we won't jeopardize our relationships with suppliers to make an extra dollar.We have unique items at great prices and we use only the best in parts to manufacture our quality parts.  We work with about 200 warehouses around the country to get you the product the soonest we possibly can. We understand that your truck is possibly your livelihood and must be back in running order as soon as possible. Sometimes it is just that perfect present you are buying yourself that you cannot wait one more day for. We will do our best to get it out to you as soon as possible. Most of our shipments go out the same day they are ordered.

You may have noticed the section of the site calledDieselsite Products. This area highlights all of the Dieselsite product lines that we currently manufacture. These are all items that originated here and spread out in the industry. Some of these products sold by other companies were in production here at Dieselsite long before those other companies were even in business. The current version or our product may not even be recognizable from the original, because we upgrade and improve our products wherever possible. We are constantly re-working our products to make them better, even if the cost must go up to do so. If you see a similar item in the diesel market that looks like an item in theDieselsite Productssection, then chances are it was from a product we developed. After all, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

My favorite of our vehicles is a 7.3L Powerstroke diesel. Over the past several years, it has been modified from the simplest of mods to the very respectable truck that is today. I wouldn't sell you anything I wouldn't put on my own truck. It's that simple.You can feel confident that if you order products from our store, you can be assured you'll get the best possible quality along with any service you need after the sale. I will do whatever I can to help you though any issue you have to insure you will be back to see us again and again. That is my promise to you.

Bob Riley, owner - Riley Industries


ABOUT BOB RILEY: Alot of great products and ideas have been brought to you by Bob Riley of DieselSite. To put it in perspective, there wasn't a diesel performance market before Bob got into the business. He pre-dates companies such as EDGE, AFE, DIABLSPORT, MBRP and most others. He's been here since the beginning. Some may laugh, but diesel performance when Bob got started was a homemade exhaust and homebuilt intakes (there was no such thing as an air intake for our trucks). The first commercial units sold as air intakes were sold by Bob some may remember the "e;big sucker"e;. It wasn't long before AFE entered the scene and squashed that product.  The Superchips gold chip was the ONLY electronic device for the 7.3L Ford and sold for a whopping $800 for two programs. was "e;Jason's Page"e; with Bob Riley  and Diesel Injection Service as the original and only advertisers. Diesel Injection has long since sold out. This could go on forever... Noone could have guessed how much the whole industry would expand in just a few years.. Bob has watched it grow and helped many hundreds get their start in the diesel business and tens of thousands get mods for their trucks. His technical expertise on the Ford 7.3L PSD would be hard to rival.

That's why Bob has so many"e;firsts"e;in the diesel world - he's been around sine the beginning fixing the issues found on these trucks. As a manufacturer in the industry, he created light duty diesel Coolant Filter Systems, aftermarket external transmission filter systems, regulated returns and fuel system upgrades for the 7.3L PSD, and the list goes on. As a retailer to the public and wholesaler to many diesel performance web businesses and performance shops around the country, he introduced great products to the market on behalf of other manufacturers as well. He had the first online store for diesel performance that was fully functional and full of great information and products - with the best customer service in the industry to go along with it.It's no wonder that Bob Riley gets such a HUGE amount of respect on the boards and forums. What most people don't know is that other manufacturers have used and still use Bob as a consultant. Many of these same manufacturers come to Bob to introduce their products into the market because so many diesel owners, performance shops and diesel business owners trust Bob to research the products he sells before he adds them to his line card. They know he's a trusted. It doesn't take long for a product to grow once you see it on Others follow Bob's lead and pick up the product line up as well. There's also a lot of knockoffs and imitations of Bob's products though none compare to his quality and most don't even know the technical information behind the product they just copied. 

Bob used to write a lot of small articles to educate the forum users. We're going to see what we can dig up off the old servers and what we can have Bob edit for current use.  They'll be listedHERE on the ARTICLES page.