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November 2012 – Homosassa Florida



DIESELSITE is now the proud owner of the FACTORY TECH brand.  Any products, patents and licenses are the intellectual property of DIESELSITE, INC.  Any previous licenses and contracts - such as those between Factory Tech and Jasper Engines - have expired and are no longer valid.  DIESELSITE will be the sole manufacturer of FACTORY TECH products. DIESELSITE and their dealers will be handling all distribution.

We have already begun manufacturing FACTORY TECH items. Valve bodies are in stock and ready to ship immediately. DIESELSITE is currently in the process of preparing a facility to manufacture the MONSTERBOX transmissions hopefully to be completed before Summer 2013. 

Gregg Evans, the founder of Factory Tech Transmission Performance Inc. will continue to support and assist us with any current and future development of products.  Thanks to Gregg for all of his help, training and guidance during this process. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.