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Thanks for the interest in becoming a dealer with DIESELSITE. To begin the process, register below then complete our dealer application by clicking that link below. This is an interactive internet form and your submission via email will be sent directly to us. After receiving your application, we will review it for acceptance and then activate your login. Don't forget to put it your email address where indicated on the form.

We will change your status to dealer and follow up with an email welcoming you as a new dealer. We DO NOT give credit terms for new applicants.  We accept credit card or paypal only when you place your orders online or credit cards only when placing orders by phone. Tracking is provided for online orders and will be emailed directly to you when your orders ship.

You will be notified of your dealer status within 48 business hours - typically sooner - after receipt of all necessary paperwork. Please see the Dealer Application for more information.

You will need to register an account

then complete the interactive dealer application foundHERE.