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HPOP Troubleshooting Tips for rough idle upon startup:

Most likely you have an air bubble in the oil rails that is caught under the ICP sensor. This can be normal if you have drained your oil rails during the install by laying the oil lines down in the valley for any length of time. Some people extend the install project over several days and they completely drain the rails of oil. What they may not realize is that the system WILL NOT bleed air from the rails just by running the vehicle. You MUST manually fill the oil that has been drained from the rails. The motor sits tilted in your truck and the front ports are the highest point. As a result, air can easily get trapped under the ICP sensor.

The quick fix is to remove the ICP sensor to make sure that the oil rail is full and wanting to run out of the hole as you unscrew it. If it is not full, fill it up with oil using a small funnel. Reinstall the sensor. Repeat on the passenger side with the corresponding oil rail plug on that side. Once you have removed and reinstalled both plugs and have insured that both rails are full of oil, restart the truck. It should be very smooth now.

If this doesn't clear it up you can shut the truck off and disconnect the ICP sensor. This will force the truck into a default setting (and will throw a harmless code). If the truck idles smoothly with the sensor disconnected then your sensor is bad or there is an air bubble underneath it. But since you have already purged your bubble, this won't be likely. ;-) Bad sensors happen and you may just have to replace it. If disconnecting the sensor doesn't fix the rough idle issue: CALL US - at any time - 888-414-3457. We'll run through some more complex troubleshooting with you.

The Adrenaline is quiet and smooth and should idle smooth as butter for you. If it doesn't, then your truck has an issue. Try the troubleshooting tips above and call if those don't help. Sometimes a FUEL system problem can be highlighted with the new pump install and your issues are related to fuel and not oil. That is rare, but it happens.

IPR Removal:

YOU NEED TO TAKE THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT VERY SERIOUSLY: If you remove the IPR with ANYTHING but a deep socket, you have more than likely damaged the IPR. The shaft that you see coming out of the pump is hollow. It is hollow because small precision fit parts slide inside this tube. The slightest dent from a wrench or even pressure from a wrench will most probably distort the shaft and at that point the IPR becomes junk. This is where most problems with installs occur.  Save yourself hours of troubleshooting!  Use a 1 1/8" deep socket to remove and reinstall IPRs.